Hydra ring with Lapis lazuli
  • Hydra ring with Lapis lazuli
  • Hydra ring with Lapis lazuli

Hydra ring with Lapis lazuli

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Hydra Ring in champagne gold and natural stones hand-carved in irregular shapes, superimposed on each other to create an exclusive and modern design. A unique jewel that will fill all your looks with light and elegance, both the most casual and the most elegant.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver plated in champagne gold and 100% natural lapis lazuli.

Measurements: 3.7 cm x 2.5 cm.

It does not produce allergies.

Free national shipping from € 100. Changes and returns are allowed. 2 year Premium warranty., Silver / Gold and green Amethyst


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Almighty gods, heroes who challenge them and fantastic stories in the form of legends and myths, all this inspires us today to create imposing jewels, with hand-carved natural stones and shapes and colors that remind us of these mythological figures. We play with irregular shapes, creating groundbreaking designs that always have as protagonists their minerals that provide light and color to all of them. Jewelry inspired by gods like Zeus, but also by heroes as brave as these gods that inspire pieces with character and power.

We choose natural stones in vibrant and light-filled tones, such as Mother of Pearl and its characteristic shine that reminds us of the purity and power of these gods and characters. Shapes that play with irregular designs, creating unique pieces that combine a classic air with modern nuances.

The Hydra of Lerna is an aquatic monster that appears in Greek mythology, in the shape of a sea serpent with numerous heads. Thus, we represent it in the shape of a ring with numerous natural stones carved in irregular shapes. In tones that remind us of water and beveled by the brightest champagne gold, we created an elegant jewel, with overlapping pieces to create a modern and original design. A unique jewel that you can combine with all your looks.

What is lapis lazuli?

It is a stone of dark blue or spotted green color with inclusions of pyrite, sometimes with whiteish veins of calcite. Te lapis lazuli is one of the most appreciated and recognized gems in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian. It also gave the great painters of the Renaissance a very valued pigment.

It is said to be the stone of communication. It gives clarity and objectivity of thought for being able to face the truth. It attracts fortune, enhances personal charisma and creativity.

The most ancient deposits are found in Afghanistan, but it can also be found in Chile, the United States and Angola.

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Silver yelow gold plated
Lapis Lazuli

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