Nest earrings with golden mother of pearl
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  • Nest earrings with golden mother of pearl
  • Nest earrings with golden mother of pearl

Nest earrings with golden mother of pearl


Earrings in champagne gold and natural irregular shaped hand-carved stones. An unique piece by itself but that you can also combine with the My Coolook collection for creating an even more special jewel with your personal touch. Because of it's earthy tones and special design, it will become you better ally for every occasion.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver with gold plated, 100% natural golden mother of pearl.

Measures: 3 cm. x 2 cm.

It does not produce allergies.

International shipping costs within the European Union will cost 19 euros. For international shipments to the rest of the world, the cost will be 39 euros. The delivery time for international shipments may vary between 10 and 15 days. Changes and returns are accepted. 2 year Premium warranty.


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My Coolook is born as a revolutionary concept of interchangeable and personalized earrings in a world in which the identity of the brands is slowly disappearing. Our designer Mar Aldeguer, with her dream of infinite versatility for today's woman, tries to make us feel special with each design and hopes we are able to find jewels as unique as ourselves. 

This is how this collection of interchangeable pieces is born, a collection created to the consumers taste, and never better said, since it allows you to create and be the designer of your own jewels, creating unique pieces with that special touch you look for.

With designs of every type, shape and color that unleash your imagination, allowing you t create combinable and exclusive earrings, different for every occasion, is that we created this collection inspired in the Coolook woman, having our hand-carved natural stones as protagonists.

What is mother of pearl?

It is the inner shell of molluscs and is formed by a layer of nacre, that increases as the animal grows. The iridescent substance (also called orient) that the mollusc secretes forms layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin.

It offers the gentle healing power of the sea, relieving stress as well as relaxing, soothing and calming emotions. It is known for its antiaging properties and is effective for wound repair.  

There are different kinds, but they usually come from the Pacific.


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