Aro Luz de Colores
Aro Luz de Colores
Aro Luz de Colores
Aro Luz de Colores
Aro Luz de Colores
Aro Luz de Colores

Aro Luz de Colores

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Some special and classic hoops in champagne gold with hand-carved mix of stones. This piece will become your favorite, a classic for all seasons.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver plated in champagne gold and mix of 100% natural stones.

Measurements: 3.3cm x 3.3cm.

It does not produce allergies.

Free national shipping from € 100. Changes and returns are allowed. 2 year Premium warranty.

Letter to my grandma.

Let's talk about the past, which is just a story we tell ourselves, but since nothing that happens is forgotten, even if you don't remember it anymore, let's talk about how it all began.

1962, the prodigious year, it seemed as if everything had been preparing itself to coincide that year, the communications and news were written and the first calls were through wires that forced us to stay in the same place waiting to recieve the information that would set us free for living our next adventure.

We didn't exist yet, but my grandmother and her mother did.

It seems as if all we did in our lives has taken us to you.

It seems as if we were born the day you hugged us and we lived the time you loved us.

And as you taught us, we learned to live our illusions since you left.

Illusions are very powerful, which is why we know everything that happened that year, in that house, where you thought little and felt a lot, you taught us how to do it and as we go through each corner today, we can feel it again, it is called happpiness. 

I can feel it and I get my inspiration in the things that reflect the moments we lived there, I reflect them in the shape of the jewels that are what we know how to do, we convey the music you used to play on the piano or the million of marine creatures you used to watch and admire non stop.

We can turn those illusions, memories and experiences in amulets that we will take with us, since they are the only things we have left of you and they are a way of keeping those memories and taking them with us always.

They are a way of making life look so beautiful it appears to be true.

In the future, when we stop wandering through the corners of that house and the illusions need to be stronger, we will wear the jewels that are so full of you, of your hugs, because we sometimes think too much and don't feel so much and we don't want to forget the taste of salty water.

And as you already know, we have always been the kind of people that shines through tough situations.

I can't remember to forget you and I never will, but I hope this amulets help me even more.

What is amethyst?

It is a mycrocristalline variety of quartz whose color can vary depending on the level of iron it contains and the temperatures of the place where it is found. It's name makes reference to Amethystos, who according to greek mythology, was a woman turned into stone and painted in wine by the God Dionisos. 

It has sedative properties that equilibrate sleep alterations, endocrine glands and nervous system.

Tha main deposits are found in Burma, Russia or Uruguay, but those of better quality are found in Brazil or Zambia.


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