Craziness Earrings

Craziness Earrings



These combinations are made to measure, guaranteeing the care and attention to every detail of these unique jewels. Therefore, the estimated time of manufacture and delivery of these parts can vary from one week to three months.

The wait will be worth it!

MyCoolook combination in champagne gold with hand-carved natural stones and zircons. An exclusive jewel that plays with the combination of our upper and final pieces. Earrings with a lot of personality and great intensity, which will become the protagonists of your look.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: Champagne gold plated 925 ms silver with 100% natural pink mother-of-pearl and zircons.

It does not produce allergies.

Free national shipping from € 100. Changes and returns are allowed. 2 year premium warranty.


After a storm comes the calm, and after the calm comes the sun and its explosion of color.

After a sad and meaningless year… Let's open the windows and let the light in. We are going to put on our best clothes, show off the best smiles and present our particular and wonderful “tea party”.

A collection based on imagination, the allegory of an outdoor garden full of colorful flowers and wild plants, which invites us to go out, create characters and anecdotes that fill us with joy, light and warmth.

The legend says that there was an unknown world, a universe to explore full of uncertainties, which would often act strangely and terrifyingly, but which, as in all stories, will always have a happy ending.

With these premises based on a compendium between reality and dreams, we have created designs full of force, a burst of light and a haven of peace, with the intention of transferring a wave of positive energy and helping to perceive the world and the nature with joy.

We have been inspired by the symbol of the flower, which means life, rising from the past, emerging from the ashes or simply "reborn", since the flowering arises after a freezing season, after a winter in black and white.

Now more than ever we need a party that makes us relive, so that we can “be born again” with the memory of what we were and what we want to be, happy, fun people who want to take over the world.

As always, and increasingly, we create interchangeable pieces, part of our MyCoolook collection with which you can make different combinations and unique jewels.

Tea Party is a collection full of life that seeks only to bring happiness to whoever wears it.


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