Mini Solitary neckless
  • Mini Solitary neckless
  • Mini Solitary neckless
  • Mini Solitary neckless

Mini Solitary neckless



These combinations are made to measure, guaranteeing the care and attention to every detail of these unique jewels. Therefore, the estimated time of manufacture and delivery of these parts can vary from one week to three months.

The wait will be worth it!


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The keys as amulets arose thousands of years ago, when the cities were conquered, the victors were given the key to the city wall and all those who were expelled from their houses kept the keys as symbols that reflected the memories of his life.

Inspired by these ancient amulets we adapt them to contemporary women, since we think that in addition to opening doors, they open many other paths, such as this key to independence, since it has been designed to be worn alone, being at the same time a symbol of human bonds.


The instinct for protection is as old as human history itself. From China or Egypt, palaces, cathedrals, monasteries, or safes have safeguarded their most valuable treasures through keys, locks and padlocks, which have evolved throughout history, always maintaining the symbolism of authority and power.

The legend says that keys were a great symbol of conquest of medieval cities, and padlocks and chains, the great protectors of the walls that protected them.

The key to the city, Freedom of the city, is an honorary distinction that was first awarded in London in 1237 to an illustrious citizen as a badge of acceptance, trust, respect, and admiration. In addition to opening and closing cities, they protect the silence of our hearts, since feelings are one of the fortunes that should be valued the most.

They also protect our memories and experiences and for this reason, Mar Aldeguer and Mar Bermejo have created a joint collection inspired by its most infinite meaning: The need that we all have, now more than ever in our generation, to feel protected and at the same time liberated from the yokes that torment us.

Amulets with history is a collection full of passion and attempts to surprise, to be part of the illusions, the goals and to be the icon of each and every one of us who are part of our cities, of the world.

It is a collection that is aimed at all audiences. Introducing new cufflink designs that refer to the most admired athletes, these being a kind of inspiration or amulets for many. As always, with interchangeable pieces, which are combined with part of our MyCoolook system with which to create unique jewelry.


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