Colgante Virgen del Rocío

Colgante Virgen del Rocío


Pendant in champagne gold with hand carved natural stones. Inspired in the Virgen del Rosario, guiding us through the toughest paths. You can find a matching chain in our section “Necklaces/Chains”.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver plated in champagne gold and colored zircons

Measurements: 3.2cm x 5.5cm.

It does not produce allergies.

Free national shipping from € 100. Changes and returns are allowed. 2 year Premium warranty.


After a different year, with many challenges and above all uncertainties and concerns, our new collection arrives: Mystic.

A collection born from the reflection of having stopped these months turning to hope, faith, those around us, without whom we are nothing. A year in which solidarity and introspection prevailed in us, closely observing our conscience to act in the best way for everyone.

And like all our collections, everything is a continuity. Already with Cosmos we were raising concern for our existence, for the conservation of the planet and luckily everything that is happening has helped global awareness. Hopefully we can achieve a better world for everyone.

From all these and more reflections arises Mística, a collection that brings together the most sublime and original images of virgins, crosses or ethereal elements surrounded by colored stones, contributing its positive energy as a balm for the soul and a supplement for beauty.

We also create interchangeable pieces, part of our MyCoolook collection, with which you can create unique and customizable jewelry. A collection that was born from the idea of ​​versatility of our designer Mar Aldeguer and as a revolutionary concept of interchangeable and personalized earrings in a world in which the hallmarks of firms are gradually being lost. Thus arises the creation of this collection of interchangeable pieces, a collection created to suit the consumer, and never better said, since it allows you to be your own jewelry designers, creating unique pieces with that personal touch that you are looking for so much.

Mystique: a collection that is here to stay.


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