Poseidon earrings with Tricolor Mother of pearl
  • Poseidon earrings with Tricolor Mother of pearl
  • Poseidon earrings with Tricolor Mother of pearl

Poseidon earrings with Tricolor Mother of pearl

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Golden silver earrings with hand-carved natural stones in irregular shapes and shades that remind us of the ocean and it's sparkle and incomparable purity. A jewel inspired in the greek god Poseidon, who controlled the seas and earthquakes and that nowadays inspires this piece.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver with gold plated and 100% natural pink, black and white mother of pearl.


It does not produce allergies.

International shipping costs within the European Union will cost 19 euros. For international shipments to the rest of the world, the cost will be 39 euros. The delivery time for international shipments may vary between 10 and 15 days. Changes and returns are accepted. 2 year Premium warranty.


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Almighty gods, heroes that challenge them and fantastic histories in the shape of legends and myths, all this inspires us to create imposing jewelry, with natural hand-carved stones in shapes and colors that remind us of this mythological creatures. We play with irregular shapes, creating breaking designs that always have the minerals as protagonists contributing light and color to all of them. Jewels inspired in Gods such as Zeus, but also in heroes just as brave as this gods that inspired pieces of great character and power.

We chose natural stones of vibrant colors and full of light, such as mother of pearl whose characteristic sparkle reminds us of the purity and the power of this gods and characters. Shapes that play with irregular designs, creating unique pieces that combine a classical style with a touch of modernism.

Poseidon is the god of the seas in this amazing mythology, many times represented with a trident. We created a piece of earrings that take us to this seas and the hidden treasures in them. With luminous and ever changing stones, we wanted to represent this waters in different shades. Their irregular shapes and the movement of the pieces make this an elegant and sophisticated piece.


What is mother of pearl?

The mother of pearl is the substance that covers the internal part of the shell of the bivalve mollusks, composed by calcium carbonate and cemented by conchiolin, elements that give place to the light interference phenomenon called east.

It is said that it counts with the influence of the oceans, which is why it gives calm and tranquility, helping you think and reducing stress. On a physics level, it has great benefits that help regenerate skin and cicatrization.  

There are different kinds, but they usually come from the Pacific.

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