Lirio earrings with opal and rainbow fluorite
  • Lirio earrings with opal and rainbow fluorite
  • Lirio earrings with opal and rainbow fluorite

Lirio earrings with opal and rainbow fluorite


Detachable earrings in golden silver with natural stones hand-carved in floral designs inspired in the lily flower. With it's petals in vibrant colors and it's shape, it is a spring jewel, a happy piece that reminds us of sunny days.

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver with gold plated and 100% natural pink opal and rainbow fluorite.

Measures: 7 cm. x 3 cm.

It does not produce allergies.

International shipping costs within the European Union will cost 19 euros. For international shipments to the rest of the world, the cost will be 39 euros. The delivery time for international shipments may vary between 10 and 15 days. Changes and returns are accepted. 2 year Premium warranty.


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The same way flowers flourish in spring, our collection Fiori in born. A collection of jewels as special as unique, inspired in the shades of Spring and nature itself. In a simple flower we can find a world of shapes and colors that only nature is able to create in something so delicate.

With pieces that transmit youth and of exclusive designs, we inspired in the simple beauty, imagining tropical flowers and curved lines that create pieces full of movement.

We allowed ourselves to be carried by this natural delicacy, imagining flowers such as camellias and jasmines, recreating them in natural stones and as pure shades as the flowers they represent.

A cheerful and fun collection, full of light and color with which, through special natural stones such as white mother of pearl or fluorite, we represent their changing and ever full of light nature. Always accompanied by our yellow gold, representing the sparkle of the Sun and taking us through clear Skies and spring days.

The Lirio earrings are inspired in the flower of the same name, the lily flower. It plays with it's movement and the different shades of the natural stones. A flower that, on it's lighter colors, symbolizes purity, a value that we wanted to transmit with this earrings that have all the natural beauty of the natural stones. It also is a detachable and versatile piece, in spring colors full of light, perfect for day looks.

What is the pink opal?

Of a composition similar to that of the quartz, the pink opal main difference is that it has water on it's inside. The pale pink color is due to the manganese. It's name acmes from the Sanskrit "upala", that means gemstone. 

It is used as a protective stone to keep bad energies away and it helps to better channel bad memories. It is said that it is capable of generating an harmonious environment, stimulating the love and peace, and helping get to sleep.

The first opals came from the mines os Slovakia, but they run out, and now they can be found in Australia.

What is fluorite?

It is a halide formed by the combination of calcium and fluorine and it presents physical qualities of thermoluminescence and fluorescence. Even though the fluorite is in the beginning a colorless substance, in nature it can be found in a variety of colors.

It is a highly protective stone, that it also helps in quick healing and coordination.

The main producer is China, followed by Mexico.


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