Pangea earrings with amazonite
  • Pangea earrings with amazonite
  • Pangea earrings with amazonite
  • Pangea earrings with amazonite

Pangea earrings with amazonite


Golden silver earrings with hand-carved natural stones, a simple and comfortable design perfect for combining with other MyCoolook pieces. They give elegance and style to any My Coolook combination.  

Designed in Spain.

Composition: 925ms silver with gold plated and 100% natural amazonite.

Measures: 1,8 cm. x 1,5 cm.

It does not produce allergies.

International shipping costs within the European Union will cost 19 euros. For international shipments to the rest of the world, the cost will be 39 euros. The delivery time for international shipments may vary between 10 and 15 days. Changes and returns are accepted. 2 year Premium warranty.


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MyCoolook is a revolutionary concept of interchangeable and personalized earrings in a world were the identity of the firms is getting lost little by little. Our designer Mar Aldeguer, with her dream of infinite versatility for today's woman, tries to make as feel special with each design and allow us to find as unique jewels us ourselves. From this idea is that this collection is born, a collection created to the taste of the consumer and never better said, since it allows us to be the designers of our own jewels, creating unique and personalized pieces.

With designs in every shape and color that allow your imagination to fly, allowing you to create combinable earrings, exclusive and different designs for every occasion, we created this collection inspired in the Coolook woman, with hand-carved stones as the protagonists.

The Pangea earrings are inspired in the supercontinent of the same name that existed million of years ago, and that later got divided for creating the different continents and the Earth such as we know it. From there wegot the great size of this piece and the impressive shape it has. The piece that also counts with the sparkle of the zircons that surround almost all the mineral, creating a very sophisticated jewel that will fill your looks with elegance. Their drop shape and the protagonism of the minerals make this piece one full of light and color that will fill your My Coolook combinations with sophistication.

What is amazonite?

It is a limited variety of the green microcline, a mineral that belongs to the feldespates. It's color varies from a semitransparent green to a blueish green with white stripes. The amazonite owes it's name to the Amazonic river and the mythic of the amazon warriors.

It is said to filtrate negative energy and block electrical radiation; it soothes worry and fear and enhances sensuality,

The main deposits are found in Russia, but we can also find it in the United States and Madagascar.

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