The Coolook space

After a first stage creating collections that allowed COOLOOK break into the world of luxury and fashion, COOLOOK needed their own space in which to recreate its true image as a whole. Its "flagship" and first specialized boutique, is located in the heart of Madrid, on Calle Barquillo, 34.

It is not just a shop, it is a place where you can enjoy a pleasant experience, because in COOLOOK we take care of every detail, from the scent of fig tree that generates feelings of a morning in the countryside, to a gentle and relaxing background music. But the real "experience" is to discover "in situ", how COOLOOK jewels have been done, as there is a space in the store to explain the entire process of manufacturing: from the stones found in the deposits , passing through the original drawings and watercolors, continuing with the process of the "lost wax" with their original molds, to end with the development of the final piece we can see exposed in the glass cabinets.

Their window displays are themselves an attraction on the street: Two huge glass cases under a rain of turquoise tears made of blown glass and other elements that coexist in harmony of color and materials with the jewels.

Not surprisingly Mar comes from a family where the craft of glass has been their life and they own a factory in Mallorca that is about to turn 300 years of history. Turquoise color is one of its main identity signs and this is something that you can see once you start walking down Barquillo street. After a great facade of this color attracts the eye, kindness and the feeling of being at home is another of the sensations perceived when the door is crossed.

Inside a special distribution, with several exhibition areas and a mixture of styles between the cold iron and the warmth of wood or the luxury of velvet; a baroque mirror infront of a clearly industrial style framework. Extremes that touch and make the space part of its own identity, because every detail has been designed by Mar.

You can choose between using a large central table, which is what she calls the Meeting Shop "there are groups of friends who go shopping together and sitting in fun stools can make them participate in a cheerful shopping experience discussing the designs or stones that attract them most" or an area of more classic and personal selling, but above all, the most important thing is that every customer leave with a smile, with a feeling of having had a good time and possibly get a special jewel that makes them feel better than when they entered.


From Monday to Saturdays: from 10 to 9 p.m.