Meet Mar Aldeguer

Since I was a child I was fascinated by fashion, art, painting and especially the stones … I started with the ones in the beach, I liked them all, I loved its colors and shapes but avobe all their origin called my attention, the time that had passed through each one of them. I spent hours on the shore picking stones of all kinds and didn´t gave them any use, just for the pleasure of observing them and touching them, because I always found something special.

This way I sarted to become attrected, I discovered the beauty and benefits of the semiprecious stones and I came to have an interesting collection.

After graduating in Information Sciences, I wanted to reward myself with the illusion of my childhood and I got a diploma in fashion design which for various circumstances I after left parked. I practiced my career in journalism in different media and collaborated with the family business of blown glass in Mallorca; a Factory that is about to turn 300 years of history and in wich wonderful lamps and glasswares of incredible colors are elaborated.

At one point in my life I decided to return to college and got a master´s degree in Advertising and Business Communication. I liked it so much that I thought that I had to do something with it, I wanted to create a brand that you could identify with and so I started observing people on the streets, my friends and myself; to discover which where the needs of people like me, their tastes and their concerns, but above all, to understand what was missing in the fashion market. I detected a gap between traditional jewerly and costume jewelry and thought I could create an intermediate step; an actual and affordable jewelry without using gemstones and taking advantage of the wide range of color and size that semiprecious stones provide, using sterling silver with gold baths of different shades to achieve the finishes chosen.

This way, first with the help of a gemologist partner and now on my own, COOLOOK was born, with great enthusiasm and excitement, somewhere between a game and a dream, at the begining of an incipient global crisis, when traditional jewerly took a deep setback for economic reasons but also because of the lack of adaptation to trends. In Asia I found wonderful semiprecious stones and also someone who sculpted the capricious forms I design and in Spain and Italy the silver workshops with quality and technology to create amazing forms. Gradually I have been developing an increasingly extense and coherent collection with a handcrafted and limited production sold online and in jewerly shops and in elite fashion stores. Now I would like to share with you all the collections so you can comment about what you like most or what you dont so together we can create the perfect collections, more like what you want because COOLOOK is inspired by you..