Discover how a jewel is made - From an idea a jewel

One of the most interesting experiences when visiting Madrid boutique on Calle Barquillo, 34, is to discover how a jewel is made.

Each of the pieces of the collections are completely handmade; all the stones are sculpted one by one with shapes and sizes that recreate the original and exclusive COOLOOK designs.

First of all, designs are realized bearing in mind that they will be done with natural stones and considering their shapes and sizes might not permit us to give them the form desired and that will be comfortable to wear; this means that it is thought that the stones that will be used have the proper weight and the possibility of being sculpted according to these designs.

From a selection of natural stones, carefully chosen each time so their quality and color is more interesting for each collection, we proceed to its carving. At the same time wax molds are done that reproduce the three-dimensional shape of the original drawings and then are melted to give way to the final molds of silver. It is what is called the process "lost wax" and used since ancient times for bronze sculptures or any other metal. In our case, we only use certified first law silver.

Once polished and gilded the silver structure proceeds to crimp one by one the stones that have been carved for each of the jewels that finally someone very special is going to wear.