The Coolook brand is a symbol of fashion and elegance that was born in 2006 as an alternative to traditional jewelry, guaranteeing the absolute value of its creations.

With the aim of protecting the quality and authenticity of Coolook jewelery, our advisors of brand protection and intellectual property, work to prevent counterfeiting of our brands, patents, copyrights and designs. A job that is done by:

- The registration and management of intellectual property rights, understood as an agglomeration of names, the model of utility of MyCoolook jewelery, the creativity of the shapes of each of our jewels, images and web content.

- The presentation of lawsuits and seizure of counterfeit products, and the dismantling of websites, social networking pages and fraudulent online auctions. All these always with the help of the competent agencies in charge of enforcing the law, lawyers, judicial investigators and official customs agencies.

The jewels are recognizable by the quality and particularity of the same. All our suppliers are committed to a series of demanding quality standards. Our production and stoning team is formed by people who gather the skills to develop their work in adequate conditions legally regulated.

Our intellectual property and brand protection team protects, in part, our customers from unauthorized distributors, through constant monitoring of the supply chain. Positioning in suspicious or discount contexts may also indicate that the jewels are not distributed by Coolook.

We appreciate the help of clients who wish to cooperate with the reporting of harmful behaviors to our brand and intellectual property.