Coolook is the right place to go for a different shopping experience, enjoying the ambiance of a special shop that takes pride in every detail. Relaxing smooth music and a mild scented perfume will greet you as you step in, uplifting your mood and triggering good vibes. The whole store setting will evoke images of nature’s fascinating dawns, the sea breeze and colourful flowers. Each and every feature, together with our cheerful and courteous store advisors, will welcome you to an environment both sophisticated and elegant, making your visit pleasant and fun.

One of the most special experiences is discovering the process involved in developing our jewels. You will learn about the deposits with precious stones in their original host-rock, to the drawing of innovative designs in watercolour printed in lost-wax casts, all the way through to the final piece you see in our showcase.

Another unique experience is to play the “MyCoolook” game, surprising yourself as the designer of your own jewels. A delightful moment to explore all the stones and interchangeable elements of our exclusive designs, coming up with wonderful and one-of-a-kind creations.

As you walk by our shops, you will notice that the showcases at Coolook are in and of themselves an attraction. Even though our stores have their own identity according to their location, you can nonetheless notice the presence of our brand.

The colour turquoise is one our distinctive trademarks, appearing in our tears, drops and hoops. It is also featured in the decorative blown glass pieces in our shops, in the shape of fishes and jellyfish. Our Designer Mar comes from an artisan family who owns one of the most historic blown-glass factories in Majorca. More than three hundred years old, it has been nominated for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the Ministry of Culture.

When you walk into any one of our stores, you will be greeted in a friendly manner just as you would in your own circle of friends and family.

The interior decoration is specially designed for Coolook, placing several showcases and tastefully decorated with different styles using metal, wood and luxurious velvet. Part of its identity is the contrast you will find between a baroque mirror surrounded by an industrial setting. Opposites that merge together to define our identity.

Each one of our eight stores worldwide has its special corner, placed in the middle of the shop, called Meeting Shop. A place of gathering for a group of friends out shopping, where they can comfortably sit and have a delightful and fun shopping experience discussing which designs and natural stones they like best. Just as well, it can be a corner for a more classic one-on-one customer assistance. It can even be a waiting area where you can leaf through a magazine or charge your phone. Whichever the case, what is most important to us at Coolook is that our customers go home with a smile on their faces, having had a pleasant time and hopefully completely delighted with that special jewel.

One way to feel closer to you is through our website. You can browse our collections from home or at your cell phone when out and about, so you can have a better picture of what you want when you visit us. Needless to say, you can also purchase online if it’s quicker and more comfortable for you.

At you will find interesting posts about our jewels and trends, trips and nature. But above all it’s a place where every Coolook woman expresses herself, sharing her interests, her worries and her contribution to society. We work for you and want to be aware of your cares and concerns.

We sincerely hope you choose Coolook as your new jewellery store, a place you can spend an enjoyable moment whenever you please.

Come visit us!