Cosmos Collection

In a new era in which communication has allowed us to unite previously unimaginable spaces... In a disturbing and meteoric change of life of those who inhabit the planet earth ... In a world in constant evolution, with consequences not always favorable, we need to stop from time to time to think about recomposing our way of life to preserve its wonderful essence.

Therefore, with this collection we wanted to represent the beginning of everything, the explosion that gave rise to the origin of creation and still remains a mystery to all of us.

The mastery of matter against antimatter is an inexplicable question for reason that we have to yield to the imagination. This has led us to create suns in different shapes as if they were in constant motion, emanating reflections and flashes of sinuous forms ... Moons and stars and a whole universe of galaxies that transport us beyond the sky. In addition, we have used a selection of very special, warm and surprising stones, such as the pink pebble, the eye of the tiger, the smoky quartz or the peach calcite. Stones that are also the perfect complement to any of our looks and are in trend.

Cosmos Collection

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