Our hands are an element of expression just as it is a look or a smile. In fact, they are the medium whereby many people express themselves. So we believe it is important to always have them very well care and maintained. The choice of the rings will tell a lot about our personality and style, so we must know what size or stones will represent us best in each moment. Here you will find very different types of rings but all with the Coolook seal.


Made after a process in which natural stones are hand-carved and structures of silver certified 925ms are bathed in sterling gold, we reconstruct the exclusive designs made by Mar Aldeguer. Of all sizes and colors, we can wear several rings together or a special one that takes all the prominence. The choice is yours.

If you don’t know your size you can click here to download our size guide or if you prefer you can write us through our chat or by email to info@coolook.es and our team will help you.


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