Solidarity Jewels

When we had the opportunity to collaborate with AUARA, the social enterprise of mineral water, to do something that financed a specific project, it gave us the assurance that what we were going to do was going to be destined for a specific purpose; that what would only mean a little gesture for us was going to make a good number of people have access to the most elemental thing in life ... water.

We didn’t doubt and we started to create limited editions of earrings and a pendant made with aquamarine chalcedony that we would carve in the form of water drops. In addition, we would add a gold silver bezel that represented the AUARA logo. Finally, we pledged to donate all the benefits we obtained from the sale of these two jewels in order to meet our objective, build 11 water collection tanks in the Battambang region, Cambodia.

Water that becomes jewels and jewels that becomes water so that you have a memory of the good you have done to others.

Solidarity Jewels

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