Earrings have been one of the jewels par excellence of all time. The most flattering accessory for every woman.

Our earrings come in different colours, shapes and sizes, and are all hand carved in sterling silver, certified at the Metal Lab in Madrid. The finishing touches in order to upgrade the earrings are shine or matte polishes, as well as being treated with different gold coats. They perfectly suit every woman.

They feature special qualities as lightness enabling a more comfortable fit, larger pressures granting a perfect grip, and our innovative hook that enables to change the position of the rear stick.

At Coolook you will find earrings, with or without stones, for every occasion. Elegant and contemporary designs which add light and colour to any look. In addition, our revolutionary system of interchangeable and removable pieces –which you can find in the tab “MyCoolook”- takes versatility to a whole new level.

Different and original, they complete your style with elegance. You will be surprised!

If you are not sure which earrings to purchase or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via chat or mail to info@coolook.es, and our Design Team will gladly help you find the perfect earrings for you.

In addition, if you need a special pressure, our workshop service will offer you the best solution.

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