The protection instinct in all of us is as ancient as human history itself. From China or Egypt; palaces, cathedrals, monasteries or safety boxes have guarded their most valuable treasures under lock and key; methods that have changed throughout history but always representing authority and power.

Legend has it that keys held a symbolic value during the conquest of medieval cities; with locks and chains protecting its walls.

The key to the city, also known as Freedom of the City, is an honour bestowed upon a valued member of the community -representing acceptance, trust, honour and admiration-, awarded for the first time in London in 1237. Besides opening and closing the city, keys protect the stillness and quiet in our hearts, feelings we must treasure.

Since keys also protect our memories and experiences, Mar Aldeguer and Mar Bermejo have created in unison a collection inspired in its most infinite meaning: The need that all of us have, specially this generation, to feel safe and rise up to the challenges, setting us free from the yokes that torment us.

Heritage Amulets is a collection full of passion and surprise, representing dreams and goals for the future, as well as the hero in each and every one of us inhabiting the cities, the world.

This new collection is aimed for everyone. We introduce new designs in cufflinks influenced by those elite athletes for being an inspiration or amulet to many. As with previous collections, you can combine its interchangeable parts with our system MyCoolook in order to create unique jewels.


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