Mystical Collection III

After a very unusual year, full of challenges and especially full of uncertainties and worries, our new collection arrives: Mystical.

This collection is the result of our reflections after laying low for a couple of months, when we called on hope and faith, as well as finding solace in our loved ones and community.

A year in which solidarity and introspection ruled, forcing us to take a closer look inside in order to act in everyone’s best interests.

This selection of jewels, as all the others, reflects continuity. Our Cosmos Collection put forward our concerns about existence and the preservation of our planet; and these past events have helped raise awareness about these issues, hoping to create a better world for all of us.

Mystical Collection is the result of all these contemplations. An assortment of jewels that sums up the most blissful and creative images of virgins, crosses and ethereal elements. Surrounded by colourful stones, they bathe our soul with their positive energy and enhance our beauty.

Mystical: a collection that has come to stay.

Mystical Collection III

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