Algae and Roses Collection

Coolook´s Algae and Roses Collection is an ode to nature, which arrives after the lengthy lockdown we had to endure. Nature, set free when humans were secluded in their homes, reigned over the planet and bloomed in all its splendour.

We find ourselves at a new starting point, a moment to ponder on this treasure we’ve been given and haven’t cared for enough.

These algae and roses, made in sterling silver finished in various gold coats, help us bring out our natural glow after having spent some time in the dark.

In order to magnify this beauty, we have chosen the most sublime ocean and earth vegetation to create a curious collection of jewels; interchangeable and combinational with our classic concept, MyCoolook. Versatility is the cornerstone of MyCoolook developed by our designer Mar Aldeguer, a revolutionary concept in a world where brands are loosing their trademark. A selection of personalized pieces, that enables you to be the designer of your jewels based on your own taste, creating one-of-a-kind ensembles with that special touch we yearn for so much.

Algae and Roses Collection

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