Unique Collection

The main idea behind this collection is artisanal work, that same idea that has been crystal clear for us at Coolook since the beginning. We pay special attention to every design from its conception all the way through to the jewel you have now in your hands. We have added a twist of exclusiveness to these designs you already know and love.

These jewels are one in a million because they belong to a unique and limited collection, there are just a few prototypes for each piece, which will never be made again. Developed from ground-breaking designs and fanciful shapes that inspire joy and elegance, they are perfect for future gatherings and why not, overturning our day-to-day outfits. You can find cuffs (made in collaboration with the Mahou Foundation) which remind us of our never-ending talks with friends around a couple of drinks, as well as elegant necklaces with exquisite designs and stones for those special occasions to come.

This is a collection which opens the door to this “new normal” lifestyle, driving us to live a life full of joy appreciating the little things. A new opportunity to treasure outings with friends, as well as those warm family hugs and even solitary walks around town. A select, unmatched and Unique collection.

Unique Collection

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